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excuse me while I angst

Dear LJ,

Life just keeps kicking me even though I'm already down.
I... I just don't know how to express this pain and anguish. Words are not enough!

Woo Bin-ah has been spending a lot more time with that curly haired bastard, Jun Pyo than with me. He doesn't even come by to see me anymore. He also seems rather distant lately. I knew he stopped caring for me as soon as I lost use of my hand.

Even Ga Eul-yang has not been hanging around the studio like she usually does.
Heh (that is the sound of my bitter laugh Dear LJ) without the use of my hand I am nothing.

So I've been spending a lot of time by myself wallowing in self-pity, guilt, sadness and regret in my darkened studio.
The cold dark studio is exactly like my heart.

Dear LJ, am I just not worthy of love?

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do you think we all became friends, brothers with you because you could make pots?
you're our irreplaceable friend, no-one has left you. you just need to get out of the dark studio, or at least turn a light on.
Yah! Jaekyung here. Wake up from the emoness and come into the light. You're a pretty decent guy from what I gathered that time you tried to seduce me away from Junpyo, Woobin, and I went out. Remember?

Stop making Ga Eul cry! She's my dong-saeng and I won't allow for you to play with her. Look at me - forced into marriage to a man I loved... but I had to leave him.

*points at face* I don't cry or waste away.

If you stop looking through the dark, you'll see light.
At the end of every tunnel, there is always light. Yijung ah, I think you might be lost in that tunnel. We're all waiting for you to come out of the tunnel and some are even trying to guide you out. Everyone loves you for you and it has nothing to do with your hand being broken.
dude, hire a shrink! i don;t want any of you f4 to self destruct before i pay you guys back for what you did to my brother.

you sound like one sad pathetic ass!very east of eden dude, classy.
what's with the fucking poet tendencies?

where's the once laidback, five minute killer shit you paraded as seo yijeong? woobin and i were trying to get you out of this shit, and your suspicious ways isn't helping matters. he even gave up his precious 'nap' time just so we could have a good talk on how to fucking put some sense into your fucking emopiss head.

come on, let's all go out and play hide-and-seek. like old times you know. that should cheer you up.
(ooc: No, I don't actually have anything useful to say but that made me laugh soo hard.)
You are worthy of my love So Yi Jung!
And you wonder why i'm not around bro? Come on DUDE! What happened to my seduction partner in crime? When we'd go and get women in the 20s...

This first love stuff is a crock of shit.

Get over girl and get it on with Ga Eul or i'm gonna take her myself. I've always admired the girl's feistiness... XD;D
I thought you're Yi Jung a.k.a Casanova,Don Juan and 5-Second Killer?
You're worthy,you've always been so.

I might be hundred miles away from Korea but really,we'll always be in your side whether or not you have your precious hand.
NOW go there and make SeoHyun proud!

p.s:we all know your fringe rocks,but don't be an emo.doesn't suit you at all.no offense.
sexy fringe time

March 2009

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