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horny potter

Dear LJ,

I've been doing a lot of thinking. And I've come to a decision. I will continue with making genius out of clay with my beautiful hands.
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A certain someone made me realize that my hands, god's gifts to man, should be used and so I shall be going back to creating brilliant art with those hands.

I still have a lot of pain. I mean, my father is still a sleazy douchebag and my mother still emotionally blackmails me by threatening to take her own life. But I will put all that pain in my work or use it when Woo Bin ah isn't paying enough attention to me. Also chicks dig guys with pain.

I suppose I should finally talk to my friends. They will love me again now that I have my powers skills back.


good to have you back :)
I love you and your dazzling orange hair, Ji Hoo ah! *crushing hug*

You can't be a part of Woo Bin and my blue jacket club though.
*sad dejected smile*
i know i can't be a part of the club... it's ok. i'm used to people rejecting me and leaving me alone.
Ah Ji Hoo ah I was just joking! And no one's leaving you! WE ARE HERE!
Mama Kang probably did something to her that she's run away. Don't worry. She's Geum Jandi. She can take care of herself and we'll find her.
i don't think i actually realised how much a part of my life she was until she wasn't there anymore.
i know you were joking :) and i know you guys are there. i just think i need to sort some stuff out...
How about you come over to my studio and I'll make you my famous tea? And you can teach me how to make pancakes if you like.
it's refreshing you talking about pancakes without using the word "alcohol".
Jun Pyo said he and Jandi would throw a pancake feast for all of us this weekend to say thanks to everyone, but i guess that's a no now right?
Ahem well I was planning on tipping a bit of vodka in your mix. I'm sure they'd taste better that way.
Okay you know what Woo Bin ah and I will throw you a pancake feast! how about that? :D
as long as the alcohol is occasional and drunk in bright places i think you can handle yourself now.
i might have to pass on that anyway. i'm really busy with the foundation, and taking care of grandfather. some other time ok?
have you spoken to Jun Pyo lately? and has woobin found anything else on Jandi?
Well just take a break and come to the studio okay? The tea and friends will make you feel better. Seems like you haven't touched a musical instrument in a while as well. Maybe you can play something for us?
So just make some time and come hang out at my studio okay.
Woo Bin's got his best men on it. We'll have some news on Monday.
ah, everything seems to happen at the start of the week, and by the weekend we're at a loss of what to do.
i'll see how my schedule goes. i haven't played in a while have i...i usually perform for Jandi...
Make some time for your old friends 'kay?
I think we got a lead on Geum Jandi! I'll go check it out and keep you posted. In the meanwhile why don't you eat some pancakes? It's been a while since you had some right?
i don't even know if pancakes can make me feel any better.
Keep an eye on Jun Pyo as well, at the moment i'm annoyed with his lack of will to do anything but he still needs looking after.
The ones spiked with alcohol will.
Your pancakes plus my tea plus Woo Bin-ah will definitely make you feel better.

Yeah I'm trying to get the bottle of vodka he's been holding firmly onto away from him. No luck so far. Sigh, both Geum Jandi and Jun Pyo-ah...

But Ji Hoo-ah who'll take care of you? This time worry about yourself instead of other people okay.
thanks for the concern yi jung. but i'm used to taking care of myself alone. i'll be alright. i've just got a bad feeling that this situation can only get worse.
Go hang out with your grandpa at the hospital. Woo Bin and I will come to see you later in the evening. Don't worry yourself over "a bad feeling". Things will get better.

ps: okay I personally do not at all care for the ji hoo character but you're really really making me like him!

i tend to stick by the rule that things get worse before they get better, but i hope you're right and this is the worst it's gonna get. feel free to come over. it'd be great to see you all.

p.s i've gotten so much more attached to Yi Jung after i started reading all your posts :)here rooting for him and Ga Eul XD
I'm sure it will get better. Just stay strong! And yes, we will definitely come over tonight so don't fall asleep!

ps: heh thanks! i try to make him out to be a bratty whiny teenager though and try to have my fun with it. ga eul went off to italy to study so I dunno when we'll be seeing her :(
i've worked out my tiredness to me falling asleep in bright places. Grandpa says it strains my eyes so i only fall asleep in shadows recently. i'll try and stay up.

p.s you're doing a great job. i wanted to try and make Ji Hoo a bit more humerous than in the drama, try and make him more fun instead of just brooding. really? Italy? wow~ sad that she won't be here though :(
That statement about shadows and sleeping sounds emo and it worries. Why don't you whip out Geum Jandi's pink mittens and cuddle them for a while? We'll be there soon.

p.s thank you :) i love that you made ji hoo funny and odd but also incredibly nice and adorable cos that's what I personally wanted the character to be like. and if that's how he actually does come off in the drama then I think I get the Ji Hoo love.
Yes, she's off to italy. Hopefully her internet situation will be good so Yi Jung and Ga Eul can get it on play or else I'll just continue pining over Woo Bin :P
i keep the gloves under my pillow as a good luck charm.

p.s as long as there's some love its all good
That's a little creepy Ji Hoo ah

ps: yeah tell that to jun pyo. everything bad/embarrassing/etc = gay *whimpers* He's can be so mean sometimes!
it's ok, he's just scared of his emotions. we artistes know better :)
*sniff* right.
there there don't cry, here have a pancake
I don't wanna pancake!
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Only Steven understands my pain~
so from Ga eul to woobin to steven?
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What are you trying to imply?!
i imply nothing...
why? what did you think i meant?
Oh hah... haha
Never mind. Heh. Um, you should get some sleep. And I need to practice. The kiln awaits me.
can't sleep. too much work. go practice da genius
Maybe you should take a break and play your harmonica.
good idea, i can go visit grandfather. the thing is...it wasn't my harmonica, i stole it from a small child. i'm afraid he'll be back for revenge...
the above was supposed to be in Ji Hoo's account but i forgot i was signed into my other one and am now too lazy to change it so there :P
We finally got you back, Yijung ah! :)
Thank you for everything Noona.
Lee Jung sunbae, I'm glad that you've finally thought it through. Your friends have never stopped loving you!

Well, in my case, I never stopped loving you as a friend unless you hit on my best friend.
*Ahem* What happens between Ga Eul yang and I is between Ga Eul yang and I so you don't need to worry about yourself.

Why don't you go and fight with Jun Pyo now, okay. And don't worry about Ga Eul yang.
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I pay you plenty of attention bro! ¬____¬ You've just been too busy on your emoangst trip.

You never lost your skills to begin with bb. Obviously. XD
But you haven't been around~
You've been hanging around with Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo and having your fun while I had to wallow in self pity ALL BY MYSELF!

But it's okay now since I've got my hand back and you all love me again.
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