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NOT amused

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Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close!

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Only to be cockblocked by the effing phone! It interrupted what was going to be Ga Eul yang and I's smexy time!

Yah Jun Pyo ah, your company's phones suck! Phones for royalty my ass!


You simply need to inspect her when she comes to see you, locate the phone, and disarm it.

Remember to wear a condom, and don't hurt her or you'll know monkey furry.

I bite hard - ask Junpyo.
Hey hey you're talking to a Casanova here! I know what to do okay?

But I like that disarming of the phone idea :D
Not so Casanova if you hadn't thought of the phone disarming idea... what are you, a virgin?

And if you break her heart, Chen will break your other hand - got it?
Hey! I take that as an insult! You clearly have no idea how much tail I get. But I have bigger things to worry about. Madam Kang has struck again and this time Ga Eul yang got hurt. I need to go take care of her.

Sigh, why are these girls always threatening to physically harm me?
You leave that bitch to me. You know what, let's all go take care of Momma Kang together; that bitch made my friends and I miserable, so she has to pay.
Let's not do something silly and let our emotions get the best of us here. Let's try to figure out where Geum Jandi is first.
I say first we send her on a vacation to the Sahara desert.

Uh veto
I bite hard - ask Junpyo.
I thought it would make you happy to know how far your friend went. Don't you guys like hearing the explicit details of stuff like that? Because I can tell you about that time I went over and he was on top of me and.......
From Jun Pyo not you! It's icky when girls go into details about stuff like that!

Nice girls shouldn't say such things.
*snort* Who said I'm a nice girl, hm, hm? Yah, not all nice girls want good boys.

*drills that into his brain*
Yeah so I hear.

But I don't like nice girls or dumb girls. Two of my rules are to not date either nice or dumb girls.
I bet you make exceptions here and there, hm. Weren't you the one who tried to seduce me?
That was just...
It was for those two idiots' sakes so it doesn't really count.
Leave the cockblocking for some other time dude.

We gotta sort things out between Jun Pyo and Jandi before he kills his mother liver.
I've been trying to talk some sense into that idiot but he won't listen.

We really need to do something about that evil witch mother of his.
But I need to tend to Ga Eul yang first.
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March 2009

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