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sexy fringe time

Dear LJ,

I just got back from the birthday sleepover at Ji Hoo's house. It was fun. I just realized that it's been so long since F4 hung out together.
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I took over some specialty European tea and we drank them in elegant genius ceramic ware that my gorgeous god-like hands made a couple months before my rough patch. I really liked the Swedish tea. Who knew the Swedes actually drank tea?! And they put a little something special in them, if you know what I mean *wink*

Instead of a birthday cake, Ji Hoo-ah made us A LOT of pancakes and force fed us. And then things got a little weird... Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Yeah I think Woo Bin-ah put a little too much Bailey's in the pancake mix.

Speaking of Woo Bin-ah, he's still kind of... distant. He spent most of his time with that curly haired Woo Bin stealing bastard Jun Pyo who btw, spent the entire night sitting gloomily on Ji Hoo's couch clutching his stupid pink cat doll! And he also wore the gaudiest neck accessory! THAT'S MY THING! I think that's how he's luring away Woo Bin from me!

I must now go and ponder this whilst lying on the bench in my dark cold studio.

(ps: guys, I'm really sorry if I don't comment on your entries until Thursday night (EST) and if my own posts aren't keeping up with the last two eps cos I am pretty swamped with schoolwork and BOF is a huge distraction so I plan on watching the last two eps on Thursday (my break of the week! Yay!). So I'm sorry. And I'm not checking the flist cos WANT TO BE SPOILER FREE! SPOIL ME AND DIE BISHEZ! And yes, I procrastinate by rpging now. It's very "de-stressing" to be Alcoholic Princess Yi Jung xD)


had a great time last night. hope we do it again soon. but for some reason i don't remember that kiss...... nothing else happened right?
We should. Next time let's watch the Pippi Longstocking movie!
are you still on the alcho-pancakes? whats with pippi longstockings?
Seems like you four had an awesome time!
Bailey's in pancakes? How did that turn out?
Now Jihoo yah can make more pancakes and this time with cute animal faces on the pancakes!

(ooc: I haven't watched BOF yet either x.x i'm waiting for either thursday night or friday night T__T so sad it's the last episodes)
The pancakes tasted great! Anything with Bailey's is wonderful!
Ugh I never want to see another pancake again though. He made us eat so much -_-

(ooc: our Monday & Tuesday nights will be so empty now. I will really miss the drama)
Bailey's pancakes...I've got to try that.
As expected from a person who loves pancakes as much as Jihoo yah. :3
I guess it was a bad idea to give him that pan...

(ooc: i know right?! imma miss it too)
sexy fringe time

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