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excuse me while I angst

Dear LJ,

I feel so despondent. I just don't know what to do anymore.

The other day, I found my father entertaining one of his many hussies in my studio. Yes, my studio! Gawd, the nerve of that man...

Anyways, so we had a confrontation and he said that we were exactly the same. And I hate him so I don't want to be like him, let alone be EXACTLY like him. That made me feel a kaleidoscope of negative emotions.

So I hit the bottle. Went to a club. Got more spifflicated. Drunkenly kissed another man's (a very uncouth man, might I add) lady friend. Got beat up.

They stepped on my precious hand. And it BROKE! It really hurt. Still hurts.
I'm nothing without my hands. And now I am handicapped and shall never make genius happen with clay. Ever.

Woo bin-ah saved me from those thugs. But he hasn't been around since then. I miss him, Dear LJ. I really do! You can't tell Dear LJ but I am crying.

- So Yi Jung


Yijung ah,
Come join noona and eat green tea ice cream. I'm sure you'll feel better :3
*happy tears*
Only noona understands my pain.
Can I spike the ice cream with my expensive Western liquor?
Sure! But don't tell the others I let you. ;3
I love you Jun hee noona.
grow a prick already. as much as i look upon you as my own brother, you really need to grow up. what is this? some agony aunt column?
Missing a sensitivity chip, are we Jun Pyo-ah? Kicking a man when he is down... I AM ALREADY IN PAIN! LOVE ME OR GET OUT!
you're too needy. shall we just throw you into a male brothel yi-jeong ah? fine. i'll just leave you alone. do what you want.

love, what fuck is that.
Is Woo Bin gonna be there?

Yeah, no wonder Geum Jandi likes Ji Hoo more and hangs out with him most of the time.
you two >.>
eat the spiked ice cream and fight later!
yes noona. i'm on it. *stuffs mouth*
*follows suit*
*surprised at the mouth stuffing*
Hey hey...don't eat it that fast. You're going to end up with a major brain freeze o.o
i didn't want to displease you noona. so i just... stuffed it.

Far from displeasing me, Junpyo. I'm more amazed that you didn't get a brain freeze after all

*passes out drunk*
I knew it would happen to one of you..
you've been swinging the other way too much yijeong-ah. woobin seems rather secretive about his whereabouts these days. i heard he's buying a loveshack house somewhere.

say that again and i'll give you a punch so hard you'd be crying for your non-existent mommy.
Why do you know more about Woo Bin than me?! What have you guys been doing behind my back?!
And I'm swinging the other way too much? Hey, at least I never told Woo Bin that my life would be incomplete if I didn't have Ji Hoo in front of a pool. Yeah~ I heard that.

At least my mommy doesn't try to break up me and my girlfriends.
we've been talking. about you, you ungrateful prick.

wtf. you've been following me around haven't you? who made you do this?

your mom doesn't even care. nobody cares about you, remember?
You're cruel Gu Jun Pyo. You are really cruel.

After everything we've been through...

*passes out drunk*
i didn't go through anything with you. angst by yourself, there'e enough angst for the whole freaking world coming from you alone.

where's that son of a bitch woobin? i need to get outta here.
Yo yo yo! Homie, don't be calling me bitch right?

You wanna go and drop your friends like you always do, then by all means. Next time you get stuck in some goddamn ridiculous marriage farce with a monkey-like creature, you're on your own buddy.

not like you're helping at all. i'm still stuck here trying to think up of something and all you can do is disown me, your childhood friend.

so much for friends forever shit.
Look, those blood bonds we did back when we were 8 don't count now.

And look who talking Mr I-went-to-macau-and-all-i-got-was-this-lousy-'tude-to-my-friends!

The only person who can solve your wedding woes is you man. Stand up to the old witch and take the consequences.
Yi Jung ah, your sorrows. Oh why, so deep. ;___;

(It's okay, I can still make genius happen with clay. I'll exchange your leftover clay with expensive French wine? :0)
Eun Chae-ah is this a dream?!

I'm cold~ Can I sleep on your lap please?
*rubs your eyes* I'm here bb. Your fringe is too long for you to see me. >___>

My lap is now for Il Hyun. If you don't mind, I suggest my kiln. It's warm. :D
I've been hiding from you too busy un-dodgifying some of my family's business dealings man. I can't always be sorting out your angst out all the time. I mean, i managed to stop those idiots from breaking anything more but now it's up to you Yi Jung.

If it helps, i was given a box of finest malt whiskey after one of our business' was unable to pay on time.

I, of course being too pimptastic for my own good, don't need to drink but you can knock yourself out with it if you want?
Woo bin-ah you're finally here!
ILU! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME ALL ALONE IN THIS COLD COLD WORLD?! I *voice cracks* missed you *tear*

You love me! You really do *snatches the whiskey and hugs it tight*
Remember what i said about PDAs man. I can't be having rival families saying stuff about how gay i am and shit.

Now. Have another sip of the tranquilizer-filled whiskey.


what has happened to you hand??
and what is my 45-year-old-looking pottery doing comforting yo ass?? ....i really don't understand you. just tonight, i saw you in your studio and 2 hobags were dancing WITH NO RESPECT TO THE FACT THAT THEIR DANCING WAS KILLINF KITTENS ALL OVEAR THE GLOBE.

i really don't understand you...... but.... sunbae. DON'T GIVE UP! ..i will make that hand move again.
in the meantime--yunno-- don't look at woobin like that, it freaks me out. makes me wanna break the OTHER hand. or...err. something else.
sexy fringe time

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