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horny potter

Dear LJ,

The Kiln Gods are not very happy with me it seems. My hand still pains a little and my genius is merely mediocre now. DAMMIT! I've been practicing day and night for the past couple days but things aren't getting any better. It is truly frustrating, Dear LJ.

And things around here have been just as bad. Geum Jandi ran away and Jun Pyo is a complete and utter mess. He even had to sit in a filthy holding cell in prison that looked very much like a crib. It's really hard to approach him. It's even worse than the time in Macau. I'm afraid that this time he'll try to slit his wrists or something.

Ji Hoo, I'm more worried about actually. A guy who used to sleep 18 hours a day and whipped out a musical instrument and played it anywhere is now in charge of an art foundation and clinic. It's odd and unsettling and worrisome.

Woo Bin-ah is just not paying enough attention to me. The other day we went to a restaurant to discuss recent events and he was more interested in his bread than me! And I'd worn my new tie too but he didn't comment on it. And the saleswoman told me it was very eye-catching and would grab anyone's attention and be a huge conversation topic. Suffice to say, I'm throwing away that tie and never going back to that store again. I knew I should've gone with the one that had hearts and crowns on it!

As for Ga Eul yang, well she just cries a lot because Madam Kang forced her father into early retirement. And also because she and her family were used to drive Geum Jandi away. I'm not very good with girls when they cry so I don't know what to do other than give them my pimpin' handkerchief.

Sigh, I am just glad that I have you, Dear LJ. You are always here for me and love me no matter what. Hopefully we'll find Geum Jandi soon and Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo will get back to normal. I should go back to the kiln now and then go out to buy neck accessories that will definitely make Woo Bin-ah's head turn!


i'm fine, really.
Just concentrate on practicing and getting woobin's attention :)
don't give up!
I picked up some really good tea leaves. I hope you'll like them.
Thank you. I won't.
How is your Grandpa doing lately?
i'm trying to get him to do as little as possible so he doesn't accumulate any stress
That's good. Try to spend more time with him instead of working so much. You guys have just found each other again.
he spends all his time in the clinic. we live with each other so it's not like we never see each other. and he's happy that i've been helping with the foundation. we go fishing together heaps so don't worry, i'm not wasting any more time.
That's good. Yah, I'm really proud of you Ji Hoo-ah
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so how are you going recently? hows the pottery practice going?
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Who da genius?
two hands on the clay yi jung-ah two hands.
Oh what d'you know anyways?!
I am like a ... a baby bird! Hatched from a delicate egg.

O.O i thought we'd gotten you off the alcohol....
i understand your condition. take as much time as you need baby bird. you will fly one day.
Ji Hoo-ah~
*passed out drunk*
*pokes with stick*
i thought you'd moved on from this...
*places Yi Jung in front on woobin's door, rings bell, runs*
i've got Jun Pyo coming for tea tonight too. he's got attachment issues with that pink doll now.
I saw him staring at a rotting apple that he had stashed away in his desk drawer. I think getting away from that house will be good for him.
O.o ... an apple ha.... yes he needs to get out
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